Fantasy League

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Mike Lupica
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Dec 3, 2020

Charlie is a fantasy football geek who cheers for the LA Bulldogs. The Bulldogs are so bad that their nickname is “the dogs.” Charlie and his best friend Anna, who is also a huge Bulldogs fan, love watching all of the games together. Luckily, Anna’s grandfather is the owner of the LA Bulldogs. Charlie attends a game with him and shares some of his thoughts to improve the team and suggests to sign an aging quarterback that is going under the radar. Mr. Warren, Anna’s grandfather, signs the quarterback and the team starts to get the success they have been wanting. Charlie becomes a football genius and receives a lot of popularity in from the media. Will Charlie’s fame get the best of him? Can the Bulldogs continue to win? You will have to read to find out!

Fantasy League is a great fiction book for sports fans. The author uses a lot of creativity to develop this unimaginable scenario where a kid is managing a football team. This is a great book to read for fun. Fantasy League has a lot of humor, suspense, and sports-filled action for football fans to enjoy. I gave this book a 3 star review as it does not appeal to a wide range of people and is on the lower end of the spectrum when  it comes to the Lexile range for teens and might not be the best book to help you improve your reading skills. Nonetheless, it is a great book to read for football fans and is very enjoyable!

Written by
Raghu P.

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