The False Prince

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen
Jennifer A. Nielsen
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Jun 14, 2022

The False Prince is a fantasy novel by Jennifer A. Nielsen. It is the first novel in the Ascendance trilogy. After the royal family is killed, a nobleman named Conner conceives a scheme to implant a puppet king in the court by having them impersonate the king’s long lost son. Sage, the main character, is one of the 4 in competition for the throne. He doubts Conner’s motives, but is caught in a dangerous game of betrayal and lies with his life hanging in the balance. This novel is a fun ride that keeps the reader on their toes. The characters, especially the main character Sage, are entertaining and distinctive. The main character, Sage, is witty, defiant and compelling. The side characters are also interesting, not being one-note or boring. Nielsen’s writing style is simple yet elegant, enhancing the novel overall. The twist at the end was also shocking, but not in a way that disrupts the story in a negative way. I would recommend this novel for fantasy lovers. I rate it 5 stars.

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