Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town

Everyone Dies Famous In a Small Town by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock
Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock
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Aug 7, 2021

This story is set in 1995 and locations ranging from Colorado to the West side of America, nine teens’ perspectives playing out against a background of missing girls, destructing fires, and a wayward priest. Each of these story’s weave and connect to create a web of amazing romantic, and expressive stories. This story portrays how communities look normal but on the inside are brutal, romantic, and mysterious. Each story is amazing and the way it is spun together makes it even more interesting and fascinating to read. We have all heard of magicians and maybe the real magician here is Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock, casting a spell to make words a story, and to make these stories a fantastic piece of art.

Written by
Smayan K.

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