Ever the Hunted

Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill
Erin Summerill
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Aug 9, 2022

Britta Flannery is a girl in Malam who is disliked for her Shaerdanian origin on her
mother’s side. Her father was a bounty hunter who was recently murdered, so she wants to find
his murderer and avenge him. However, things aren’t so black and white when she finds out that
her best friend, Cohen, wasn’t the one who actually murdered her father, despite the evidence.
So, she sets out to find the real murderer, but realizes dark things about her past and the King of
Malam. Britta and Cohen work together to find the real murderer and stop a war between Malam
and Shaerdan from happening to save hundreds of innocent lives.

I really liked this book especially with its theme and plot line. It was really cool learning
about Britta’s past and seeing how it plays such an important role throughout the book. I loved
how Britta started learning more about herself and growing into her identity. She went from
being a little girl in her father’s shadow to someone sure of herself and her skills. I also loved
Cohen because he was the true example of loyalty and a good friend. His relationship with Britta
was really sweet as it developed into something more and overall, his character was awesome.
There wasn’t really anything disappointing in this book as it was interesting but it was also a
little bit predictable. Other than that though, it was a really good book, and I would recommend it
to anybody who’s looking for a fun read.

The cover of this book is beautiful and shows essential parts of it as well. The bow and
arrow on the cover show how important archery is to Britta. It’s her style of fighting especially
since it’s a connection to her father who taught her how to hunt. The words “ever the outcast”
and “ ever the brave” also describe Britta's character really well. People from Malam never liked
her much, yet she didn’t let that stop her when fighting for her country.

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