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Jul 6, 2021

Ender’s Game is a Science Fiction movie which tells the story of a boy named Ender Wiggen. This futuristic film takes place years after aliens invaded Earth almost causing the end of the world. In order to be better prepared to take on the aliens, the government created a battle school for brilliant children to learn how to fight, fly fighter jets, and take down the aliens. Ender Wiggen is one of the most brilliant kids in this program. As he makes his way up to leadership, the government wonders if he is going to be the one to save the human race.

This movie is based on the novel version which was written by Orson Schott Card. The movie deals with the themes of bullying, right vs wrong, friendship, leadership, and manipulation. For the time it was made the visual effects are amazing, but as time has progressed, they may seem a little outdated for some people. As well it is a very fast paced movie with a lot of plot which they had to fit into a small amount of time which made it seem a little bit rushed. Although, for some people the fast pace makes this movie constantly entertaining. The relationships they create in this movie between friends, leaders, and followers are amazing. For example, Ender’s relationship with Hyrum Graff, the colonel, is a complicated and intriguing one. I would have to give this movie a 3/5 stars. I would recommend anyone of any age to watch this movie just do not expect it to be amazing.

Written by
Emma D.

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