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Kiera Cass
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Feb 17, 2023

The Elite by Kiera Cass is the second book in the series. 35 girls are narrowed down to 6 and
are now called the Elite. Every girl in the Elite knows exactly what they want, except America.
Can she make up her mind before it’s too late?

I really liked this book and it was even better than the first book. There were so many things that
happened in this book which made it so interesting. There are also really sad parts to this book
which the first book kind of lacked. Overall, this book was really good and I would recommend it
to anyone who has read the first book. I give this book a 5/5.

Spoilers: I was so sad about what happened to Marlee. I was heartbroken until I found out what
Maxon did and it made me like his character more. I am so confused about Maxon because in
one part he’s very loyal and the next he’s not. I feel like America should stop interfering with the
royal family's problems because she made Maxon get hurt by doing so. I also really hate the
king, which if anyone else reads this book, obviously should too. The things he did are
unacceptable. During one of the rebel attacks, I loved America and Maxon’s moment. I was so
bummed out when Maxon told America he was going to propose to her at the Halloween ball
but was discouraged. I was even more bummed when America said she would have said ‘yes’. I
really hoped America wouldn’t get eliminated and she didn't, which made me very happy. This
book was really good!


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