The Elite

Cover photo of the book The Elite
Kiera Cass
Jan 22, 2021

Kiera Cass’s second installment of ​The Selection ​series, ​The Elite​, was good, but it wasn't as good as its predecessor. In this book, America struggles to decide between Maxon and Aspen as the Selection is narrowed down to six girls. Overall, this book was super frustrating. First of all, I don't understand Aspen's character's value at this point; he seems to have little to no impact, and the chemistry between him and America is basically nonexistent. Second off, America slowly became more and more irritating. Her rash actions and inability to have any understanding for Maxon made her harder to like than in ​The Selection​.

However, her independence and passion kept me rooting for her; I enjoyed how she continued to bring light to the class issues throughout the kingdom. I really liked this book, but because of the frustration some of its more meaningless elements caused, I have to give it 4.5 stars.

Written by
Taylor E.

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