Elena Vanishing

Elena Dunkle
Jul 23, 2015

Elena has been struggling since a young age, shutting people out and retreating into herself. By 17, she is diagnosed with anorexia and is continually in and out of treatment centers. This is about her journey, the ups and the downs of her eating disorder.

This was an incredible retelling of what Elena went through from her teen years into her adult years. The amount of emotion in this book was stunning and I felt myself brought to tears in several places. Elena was a strong person for finding a way to get out of the strong grip anorexia had on her, and though it took her a long time, she has recognized how much better of a person she is. It is always wonderful to watch someone grow and become a better person and I felt like I did that with her while I was reading. It was extremely touching.

I don't think anyone who is currently battling anorexia or bulimia should read this because it would be very difficult for them to get out of the negative mindset. I think anyone who wants to see a different perspective or is curious about the eating disorders would really enjoy this.

Written by
Sophie from Shawnee Library YAAC

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