Eleanor and Park

Rainbow Rowell
Sep 15, 2022

Eleanor & Park is a fiction book written by Rainbow Rowell. This novel is
about Eleanor Douglas and Park Sheridan, who depend on each other, as the
story progresses. Both of them have very different family environments. They meet
at school, and have complicated issues based on love at first sight. Eleanor lives
in a family with an abusive father, while Park’s family is more open. They wish to be
together and help each other out, especially Park’s family trying to comfort
Eleanor. Due to too much abuse Eleanor and Park have to go through
devastating situations, which could lead to a split. They try hard to stay with each
other but their emotions stop them. They try to do what is best for each other,
even if they have to sacrifice their relationship. They plan to live their safer lives,
and keep their memories with them.

The most compelling aspect of this book is when they need to separate due
to the circumstances. I wished to know further on their future relationship. I was
disappointed when they had to split and how their emotions gave a halt to their
story. I wanted to know if they could fix this situation. This book inspired me to
think and feel what happens to people who go through this? I would recommend
this book to readers who like love stories, however if you do not like sad endings
or a cliffhanger book I would not recommend this book.

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