The Edge of Anything

The Edge of Anything by Nora Shalaway Carpenter
Nora Shalaway Carpenter
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Mar 30, 2022

The Edge of Anything is a story of girls that the outside viewer would see as polar opposites. Sage is the star volleyball player of her high school’s varsity team, and is hoping to be chosen by a college scout to get a full ride to play in college. Len is a quiet photographer, often made fun of by the athletic kids for her quirks and odd behaviors that no one understands. What no one knows is that they both have struggles going on in their lives that are hidden from public view, and even from their families. The girls’ stories collide when Sage checks in on Len after bumping into her in the hallway. Although neither of them knew each other, they both recognize that something is going on below the surface. Sage and Len discover that through honesty and acceptance that they can help each other through each of their problems regardless of their differences.

I personally love that both of these characters have a passion for nature, and it was one of the things that brought them together because both found it calming. This book is one of the first books I have read that brings awareness to mental illness, and I like the way that it was incorporated into the story because it was very realistic of what someone might feel in real life. The high school experience also seemed well represented rather than the typical stereotypes you see in older books, and the character development showed how the girls’ lives changed for the better but wasn’t necessarily a happy ever after.  Lastly, the storyline was a plot that hadn’t been done before for the most part, and I think the pacing of the story was well thought out, so I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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Jillian K.

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