Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor
Laini Taylor
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Sep 6, 2021

How do you repair a world torn apart by the horrors of war? Karou might have an answer to this impossible question. Working as the new resurrectionist, Karou has built a formidable army of chimaera from teeth and souls. But things are far from over — the ruthless emperor of the Seraphim prepares to march on the human world with his soldiers dressed as angels, ready to receive a welcome fit for kings. With no choice left, Karou forms an uneasy alliance with Akiva and his army of renegade Seraphim — one that just might change the course of the war.

This was a fantastic conclusion to the trilogy. The characters gained so much nuance, and the author managed to expand so much on the intricacies of the world of Eretz and the war. I also especially loved seeing the moments where the author chose to develop the side characters that were introduced in previous books. However, I did feel like some of the side plots were exceedingly underdeveloped. For example, the author really only began to flesh out the plot thread about the Stelians near the very end of the book, which didn’t give it nearly enough time to become truly effective or necessary. I also found the introduction of the masses of new characters to be really jarring, and I don’t feel like they were integrated into the story enough to be actually compelling or even useful to the plot enough to justify their existence. Nevertheless, this was a great read and I enjoyed it a lot!

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Lisa J.

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