Down and Across

Down and Across by Arvin Ahmadi
Arvin Ahmadi
May 28, 2021

Scott Ferdowski has trouble sticking with his passions. He’s smart, but lacks commitment, despite the variety of activities his high-achieving parents sign him up for. So when they leave town at the start of his summer vacation, Scott spontaneously decides to ditch his internship and become a bit more “gritty.” As his summer progresses, Scott meets a crossword-obsessed college student, a brilliant professor, and a cast of other characters. Through it all, he explores his newfound freedom, ultimately gaining perspective about his own life.

Scott’s first-person perspective offers a humorous retelling of his struggles and successes, keeping the story interesting from beginning to end. The plot is a bit repetitive at some points, but his fresh insights on friendship, learning, and independence make this a fun read.

Written by
Anna M.


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