Don't Look Back

Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Jun 24, 2014

Samantha is discovered stumbling along a highway, dirty, dehydrated and bloody, three days after she and her best friend Cassie went missing. Cassie still hasn't been found and Samantha suffers from amnesia and can't remember anything before the police picked her up. 

Samantha tries to return to her normal life, the daughter of an old money family in a east coast town, hoping something in her old life will trigger memories to help the police find Cassie before it is too late. But soon she discovers that her old life isn't something she wants to return to. A classic mean girl, Sammy and her friends bullied her classmates, looked down on anyone who couldn't afford Prada and only hung out with their own kind. 

Now Sammy can't believe she used to act that way. As she tries to understand her past self she beings to get threatening letters, telling her to leave the past behind as she won't like what she finds. Soon Sammy begins to realize her seemingly perfect life isn't so great after all but she can't get away...someone is trying to pull her back in.

A largely predictable book this is neither good nor bad. It is a pretty fast read so anyone who likes mystery will probably enjoy it, but not be surprised by much.

Reviewed by Kate M.
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