The Dog Who Could Fly

The Dog Who Could Fly by Damien Lewis
Damien Lewis
May 5, 2021

The Dog Who Could Fly is the true story of a German Shepherd who was rescued by a Chezhslovakian WWII airman. The dog, who was named Antis, formed an unbelievably close relationship with Robert, his master. When Robert was on missions flying, Antis would wait beside the runway till he returned, refusing food and water till his master was back. He became the good luck charm of Robert’s plane and teammates in the British Air Force. One day, he was missing from the runway, and after takeoff he was discovered at Robert’s place in the plane. After that, he became a regular member of the crew, and he survived everything from being shot with shrapnel to a parachute landing. Throughout the war, both Antis and his master saved each other’s lives more than once.

This was one of the best dog stories I have ever read. It was amazing to realize how loyal an animal can be to its owner. The bond between Antis and Robert was a truly incredible and highly unusual one, and it was astonishing to read about how close of a connection they had. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes dog books in the least. I would also recommend it to anyone who likes WWII history, as it delved into what airmen did in the war a little bit.

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