The Diviners

Libba Bray
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Aug 10, 2022

The Diviners is a historical fiction fantasy novel by Libba Bray. It is the first novel in The Diviners
series. It follows Evie O’Neill, who has recently been sent to New York to live with her uncle.
After her uncle is called to a murder scene, she decides to use a secret ability she possess in
order to solve the case. However, the novel also features Memphis, a young man caught in the
occult world, Theta, a girl fleeing her dark past and Jericho, a man hiding a dark secret.
This novel is a unique, genre bending experience. Part fantasy, part horror and part historical
fiction, it uses its setting to its advantage by showing the atmosphere of the time. Bray clearly
spent a lot of time researching the 20s, and uses that knowledge well. Evie is the standout
character in this book, her fun-loving and sassy personality makes her notable and her
development throughout the novel is well-written. However, the other characters in the novel
don't get as much focus and can come across as bland and one-note. Readers may also
become irritated with the 20s slang used.

I recommend this novel for fantasy and historical fiction fans. I rate it 4 stars.

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