Veronica Roth
Mar 8, 2022

Divergent by Veronica Roth (Fiction) is a story showing the consequences of your choices, even if those actions aren’t entirely in your control. A teenage girl, Tris, must choose between five factions, five areas who are committed to a certain belief and must live there, not traveling elsewhere in the city. The five factions are Abnegation (being selfless and putting others first, where Tris was raised and is expected by her family to choose), Erudite (intelligence, Tris’s father despises this faction), Dauntless (courage, another faction her family looks down upon), Candor (honesty, at all times), and Amity (peace and giving, they farm and are very charitable). In order to help the teenagers having to choose their faction, they are put in fake reality situations, this helps them decipher what they truly are, but they ultimately get the choice of the faction they choose. Tris goes through these tests and is told that she is Divergent, she is capable of being a part of multiple factions, except she can’t tell anyone or they will kill her for being different. So, Tris follows her heart and chooses Dauntless, to her family’s dismay, and her brother chooses Erudite. As Tris begins to learn more and more about the factions, she realizes how strange some circumstances are and comes to realize that things aren’t as great as they seem. How can Tris escape this world, and does she even want to?

In the Divergent series this is my favorite book by far. It has action, suspense, and plot twists left and right. It’s an interesting concept, kind of the inevitability of Hogwarts Houses if you will. They make sense at first, but then you realize that most people don’t just fit one box, therefore the system of organizing them will always fail. It’s a great book if you love dystopian, drama, and action novels. I would recommend this book to a lot of different people because it is for a wide array of an audience.

Written by
Grace Textor

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