The Diamond Eye

The Diamond Eye
Kate Quinn
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Mar 29, 2024

The Diamond Eye is a historical fiction novel written by Kate Quinn. The book is centered around Mila Pavlichenko, a student turned sniper who fought during the Nazi invasion of World War II and was later recognized for her achievements. The story begins with her trying to again convince her then husband to divorce her. As her husband belittles her and shames her for not having a father in her son. Thus, she enrolls in a rifle shooting class in order to teach her son how to shoot. While this is happening, the book shifts between Mila’s point of view and a mysterious person in the future who is planning to kill Eleanor Roosevelt and blame it on Mila. The book follows the timeline of Mila and how it led her to the exact moment that the book had been foreshadowing since the beginning. 

I loved this book as it is one of my favorite historical fiction books. This book is actually based on the true story of Mila Pavlichenko who was a real sniper during World War II. Some parts of the book are changed and adjusted to the author’s taste or because of a lack of record. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy reading historical fiction, however the book does get a bit technical and difficult to read.

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