Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Lauren Oliver
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Jul 24, 2022

Lena Haloway lives in a world where love is acknowledged like a disease. If you fall in
love with someone, then that means you’re sick, diseased, infected. Because of this, people
have to take a cure for love when they turn eighteen, which basically turns off your emotions in a
way. Lena’s mother was infected with love, and seeing as to how much love had changed her
mother, Lena decides that she doesn’t ever want to fall in love, and that she wants to be happy
by taking the cure. However, when Lena meets a boy named Alex, her whole opinion changes
on love. She discovers that it’s not a disease, but it’s something beautiful. In the end, she plans
to escape with Alex to another place, The Wilds, but Lena and Alex are soon stopped from their
ambitions and they end up never making it to The Wilds together.

I liked the book, and I thought it was a very one of a kind concept. Lena changes a lot
throughout the book, from being a girl who always follows the rules to a woman who has her
own opinions and thoughts. I loved the character of Hana, she was really fun, and I loved how
she was always there for Lena. They might have gotten into a few arguments, but their
friendship was strong, and I hope Hana’s in the future books too. This is a good book and I
would recommend it to anyone who likes a forbidden romance, although the romance is not one
of the best I’ve read. Overall though, I think the part I liked about it most was Lena’s character

I liked the cover somewhat. It was a picture of Lena in the front, like half her face. I
guess in a way it was an accurate representation of the content because it showed a girl who
was probably Lena, the main character. However, even if Lena was the main, there was so
much more to the story. So I would say it was kind of an accurate representation, but there
could’ve been better ways to represent the story on the front.

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