This Delicious Death

This Delicious Death
Kayla Cottingham
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Jun 23, 2023

This Delicious Death is a horror, thriller novel set in a world where some people (they call ‘ghouls’) are only able to eat human flesh (or SynFlesh – synthetic human flesh) after a worldwide event called the “Hollowing.” This story centers on four ‘hollow’ girls: Zoey, Celeste, Jasmine, and Valeria. They all decide to go to a music festival together located in the desert. They meet boys, drink alcohol, and have a lot of fun at this festival until Valeria suddenly couldn’t control her appetite and ended up killing a member of a band at the festival. All four of them were doing just fine and eating their SynFlesh like normal so they wondered why Valeria would do that so suddenly. They started to investigate the festival and found out that something very dark was happening under the happy surface of the music festival.

I thought that this was a really interesting and fun novel, and I enjoyed reading it. I loved the characters and the representation in this book. As for the theme, horror really isn’t usually my favorite genre, but I really loved what the author did with this genre in this book. In my opinion, it was less scary than I thought and more thrilling and exciting in a way. It also had a lot more romance than I expected. Overall, I did really like this horror-romance book. 

Written by
Basil Park

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