The Dead Poets Society

The Dead Poets Society

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Jan 23, 2024

Tradition, honor, discipline, and excellence are the four pillars that Welton Academy lives and dies by. Well, most of the people at Welton Academy at least. The dead poets society is formed when the school begins its new year, and with this come new students and a magnificent new teacher. This eccentric new teacher, Mr. Keating teaches the boys how to be their own person, not just a student. Keating teaches like no other, telling the boys to rip out the pages of their textbooks and go outside and play football. The boys take these new principles to heart and make their own society where they learn that life is more than just school. 

The Dead Poets Society was a hilarious movie to start, but by the end, I was almost in tears. What I mean is that this movie takes you for a ride and it is not as you would expect. I liked this movie, but one complaint I have is that there were many characters that looked very similar, making it hard to differentiate characters. Overall, a great movie that I would definitely watch again.

Written by
Anna S.

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