Daughter of the Siren Queen

Daughter of the Siren Queen by Tricia Levenseller
Tricia Levenseller
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Aug 10, 2021

After months of scheming and fighting, Alosa has finally retrieved all three pieces of the treasure map from the leaders of the pirate families — Vordan, Jeskor, and Kalligan, her father. The assembled map shows a path to the Isla de Canta, where unspeakable treasures are guarded by sirens, waiting to be claimed. Alosa plans to work with her father in order to collect the treasure, but when she discovers a terrible secret that her father has been harboring for years, she begins to question everything she’s ever known. After escaping from her father’s ship, she and her crew find themselves in a deadly race to the Isla de Canta against the most feared captain in all the seven seas.

Overall, this was a decent read. The plot was fast-paced, the author did a phenomenal job creating and developing the slow-burn romance, and I enjoyed seeing the character dynamics. However, I felt extremely conflicted about Alosa. On one hand, she was strong-willed and clever, but on the other, she tended to be childish and often refused to take responsibility for what were clearly her mistakes, which almost had me screaming out in frustration. Moreover, the story felt a bit repetitive, and I felt like I was stuck in a cycle of the same events happening over and over with only slight variation. Nonetheless, this book was an entertaining read and I enjoyed it a lot!

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Lisa J.

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