Dark Age

Dark Age by Pierce Brown
Pierce Brown
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Sep 30, 2022

Dark Age is a dystopian science fiction novel written by Pierce Brown which follows the first
trilogy with a sequel trilogy. Following multiple perspectives we see an ex-soldier named
Ephriam stuck in a horrible situation with the Obsidians and a shift in power. Lysander au Lune,
the heir in exile to the Sovereign, becomes the very thing Darrow feared. With the Romulus
Family and Alexandrea he attempts to wage war with the Repaer. Lyra, continues to discover all
that entails of high society as she is in conflict with herself and mixed in the conflict of Virginia
and the Republic. Finally, Darrow, a war veteran who is abandoned by the people he save
through the Rising must continue to war with Alexandrea regardless of the comrades who’ve left
him. He will try anything to protect his family.

Out of all the books Pierce Brown has written this is my favorite so far. The darkest of the series
as the action is horrifying and brutal as our characters are left in the darkest depths of despair.
All the characters by now have been developed effectively where I’m emotionally invested in all
of them which has never happened to me when reading a multiple perspective novel. This
means for all the risks this book takes I’m always invested as the book never drags like its
predecessor as every single storyline makes you hurt in all sorts of ways as your feel like your
on a rollercoaster that never stops. Darrow’s continued determination is motivating and
heartbreaking to read as we race to an inevitable end to my favourite sci fi series of all time.


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