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Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen by Catherine Murdock

Dairy Queen

Catherine Murdock
Friday, Feb 3, 2012

I am not exactly a huge football fan...ok so about the only reason I will attend a football game is to watch the marching band. However, there is one book that has gotten me more than a little interested in the sport, Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock.

The book follows the summer of DJ Schwenk, who works on her families struggling dairy farm in Wisconsin. Her family's life, and the lives of everyone in town, revolves around high school football. DJ's brothers were both football stars who have moved on to college scholarships and a chance at the NFL. DJ is shocked with the coach of the rival football team, a long time friend of the family, asks DJs father to take on a farm-hand for the summer. Brian, the teams quarterback, is used to getting his way and not working for what he wants. He is in for a shock when he starts working the farm with DJ, milking the cows and fertilizing the fields. But the two of them bond over their love of football. They train together to stay in shape over the summer, and eventually Brian convinces DJ to try out for her school's football team...

It is a great book about hard work, dedication and good sportsmanship (with just a dash of romance). If you are looking for a different kind of football book, I suggest picking up Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock.

Kate M.

Written by Kate M.

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