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Marie O'Regan
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Nov 20, 2023

An incredible collection of stories from truly amazing authors, Cursed brings back classic horror literature. Without the possibility of using cheap jump scares or showing mindless gore, like most horror movies today, Cursed shows what horror is about. While horror short stories are becoming fairly popular nowadays, Cursed does the best job of it I’ve seen. Maybe because of the many different authors, or just the creativity behind the stories, but it is the most diverse horror short story book on the market today. Some stories take a more straight approach to classic horror, while other aim for a more psychological approach. Some of the stories might not be horrifying themselves, but that does not take away from the joy of reading them. I picked up the book for Neil Gaiman’s story, but not knowing any of the other authors, I wrongly assumed that it would be only his story which I enjoyed. There are several that stand out, but the most creative story was “The Merrie Dancers” by Alison Littlewood. Honestly, the concept behind the one story could have been a book on its own that I would have read happily. While there were many interesting stories, the most memorable by far is “Skin” by James Brogden. Truly terrifying, this remains the only story I can remember in perfect detail, as I relive it before I go to sleep each night. Five out of five stars, truly an enjoyable read.

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