Curse of the Specter Queen

Curse of the Specter Queen by Jenny Elder Moke
Jenny Elder Moke
Oct 5, 2021

Meet the protagonist, Samantha. She has always dreamed of going on adventures. But, it was quickly ruined when her father never returned from the Great War. While working in a bookshop, she comes across a special volume of a book from her childhood friend, Bennett. When dangerous people break into the bookstore, she realizes how important the book is. Trying to solve the mystery, she pairs up with some friends and starts the beginning of a grand adventure. Will Samantha be able to uncover the secret of the mysterious book? Read more to find out!

Having been a fan of Indiana Jones, this book was very engaging and thrilling. I love how much action is in this book. This book is very face paced, considering the characters are racing against time to prevent evil from being unleashed onto the world. I enjoyed when the characters were trying to decipher the clues.  At first, I didn’t like how the beginning was kind of snail-paced, but the action and adventure really make up for it! I do like the cover, but I don’t think it does the book any justice. If you like antique bookshops, adventure, or Indiana Jones, this book is a really good fit for you!

Written by
Marium K.


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