The Cruel Prince

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
Holly Black
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Sep 28, 2022


This story follows the life of Jude Duarte, an individual whose life took a very drastic turn of

events, very quickly. One minute she was living happily with her parents, twin sister, and elder

sister, the next, a strange man comes into their lives, kills her parents, and takes her and her

sisters away to a strange land, in which magic exists. Jude and her sister Taryn are humans, they

have little to do with this new land of Faerie apart from keep themselves safe from it, but

Vivienne, their eldest sister, is half faerie and half human. She is the true daughter of Maddoc,

the strange man who took them from their home, while Jude and Taryn are his step daughters.

However, despite her ‘inferiority’ as a human to the fey, Jude aspires to become a knight. Despite

the constant discrimination she receives from the children of the royal family--especially their

youngest son Cardan--she stays confident about her ambition, and she wishes to prove herself to

the faerie world that even a human can become a knight.


When I read The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, I was absolutely obsessed with it. The book is the

first of a trilogy but the first book focuses the most on Jude’s journey while the next two spend

time on all of the other characters. A lot of people go into the first book immediately thinking it

will be an enemies-to-lovers novel between Jude and Cardan, but that is simply not the case.

Cardan’s main role in the first book is to be an obstacle in Jude’s path to power and a prime

example of how the fey frequently discriminate against Jude and her sister. I love this book

because of the thrill that it instills in the readers. Despite the fact that all of the odds are against

her since she doesn’t have the ability to utilize magic, Jude remains confident and does some

crazy things in her journey to become a knight. So, if you’re a sucker for books that have fantasy,

books in which the underdog pulls through, or even books in which girl power is prominent, The

Cruel Prince
by Holly Black is the book for you.


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Haya B.

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