The Cruel Prince

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
Holly Black
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Apr 3, 2023

Jude watched as her parents were murdered at the young age of 7. She came to know of a land, one other than the typical mortal world, known as Faerie. In Faerie, bloodshed comes before family. Power comes before loyalty. 

After a decade of figuring out how to fit in, Jude still doesn't have it mastered. No matter what she or her twin sister Taryn do, they only seem to get into bigger trouble with those who hold power in Faerie. All the while, she must be raised by her parents' murderer. Jude learns what is true and what is not, and finds herself in the midst of a battle of power. 

Faerie is a home of many different mythical creatures. There are multiple Courts, each with a different King and Queen, but there is only one High King of Faerie. Once news is spread of who will become the next King, Jude suspects that the transfer of power will not go so smoothly. Although she was once simply a mortal in the large world of Faerie, she eventually plays a big (and secret) role in deciding the future of Faerie and all its unique creatures. 

The Cruel Prince is an amazing start to the four-book series by Holly Black. It starts out by introducing the strange and mysteriousness of Faerie, along with the struggles Jude faces. Once conflict is upon her, Jude doesn't have a second to rest without coming up with a plan. While the book is good throughout, it is practically impossible to put down during the entire second half of the book. This interesting and modern take on fantasy, along with a bid of romance, is a perfect combination and makes for a very enjoyable read. I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars, as it is one of the absolute best books I have ever read.

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