Crave by Tracy Wolff
Tracy Wolff
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Jan 3, 2023

Crave is a tale of coldness and unknowns, but also warmth from the strangest of places.
Grace’s parents died under mysterious circumstances, and without any other family in her native
San Diego, her uncle takes her in. He’s the head of a prestigious boarding school in the middle
of nowhere, Alaska. From the moment she arrives, Grace senses something strange under the
surface - and it’s not just the odd system of subterranean tunnels beneath the school. The
school is full of weird cliques and accidents and hierarchies, and she’s determined to find out
why, even if it means constant encounters with the hottest, most popular, and most mysterious
and feared guy at the school - Jaxon.

This book was really predictable with all of the twists it tried to throw in, but at the same
time, it was entertaining. It felt like Harry Potter meets Twilight and though it wasn’t any kind of
literary masterpiece, it was fun in the same way that watching reality TV is. The characters were
easy to root for and the romance was enjoyable. I did find some of the humor to be annoying
after a while and the “mystery” got dragged out a lot longer than it needed to be. I would give it
three out of five stars.


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Mariam S.

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