The Collector

The Collector K.R. Alexander
K.R. Alexander
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Jul 14, 2021

Sixth grader Josie, her sister, and her mother both moved to their grandmother's house. Even though Josie does not like the town, she has to adjust to it. Weird things happen once her grandmother starts giving off warnings and rules. Then, one day at school, Josie meets a new girl named Vanessa. They become best friends. Suddenly, people from her school start to disappear. What or who is behind the disappearance?

The Collector is a really good book. K.R. Alexander adds many suspicious details to make the book more interesting. The plot is also really good, and I enjoyed the book. Secondly, there is a big twist towards the ending. The communication between Josie’s friend, Vanessa, and Josie’s grandmother, is interesting as well! I think the cover was okay. The cover has a picture of a doll on it. Also, the cover is blue. I give the book a 4/5.

Written by
Saathwika A.

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