The Code for Love and Heartbreak

The Code for Love and Heartbreak by Jullian Cantor
Jillian Cantor
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Nov 12, 2020

Emma Woodhouse is a coding genius who appreciates numbers more than most people; numbers were simple and easy while people were just messy and over-complex. When her sister sparks an idea, Emma decides to build on a code that would determine the person of best compatibility to date as a submission to a coding competition. While some were skeptical at first, who could believe a code could tell you the best person to date, Emma was certain that her code was flawless. But after Emma runs into a few complications, breakups, cruel bets, betrayal, and not to mention a weird warm feeling every time her Coding Club co-president George was around, she starts to wonder, maybe her code isn't so perfect after all, maybe, love was best left to the heart.

I found the most compelling part of the book as the code itself. Reading the summary, that was what sparked my interest in the book in the first place. The idea of writing a code for finding a person's perfect date is a topic that will most likely grab the attention of many teens. What I did also like about the book was that she had a life outside the code and we could also see what she did at home, so while the code was the most interesting part of the story, there were many other aspects as well.            

I wasn't disappointed in the writing but if I were to be nitpicky, the one thing in the writing that did disappoint me, however, was the ending. I found it very predictable and knew what was going to happen from the start. That was just my personal opinion and others might find that enjoyable, but I wish there was a little more of a twist.


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