A Classic Tale Retold

FUNimation Entertainment
Jul 28, 2009

For those of you who love ol' Billy Shakespeare but never could really get into the language check out the new anime Romeo X Juliet. A futuristic cross gender tale of undying love! Scene: Neo-Verona, sometime in the future Characters:

  • Romeo: son of Capulet leader who has succeeded in wiping out his Montague rivals.
  • Juliet: little did Capulet know that Juliet, daughter of Montague family survived and is raised by surrogate parents, unaware of her heritage. Also, for some reason they make her pretend to be a boy.

Plot: Juliet discovers her family legacy and decides to dress up as a caped crusader and fight the overbearing Capulet. Caped crusader is rescued by Romeo and falls in love at first sight. Romeo sees a hot girl at a party (Juliet finally dressed as a girl) and falls in love. You know the rest.

Written by Kate M.

I never forget to be awesome!

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