Marissa Meyer
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Jan 4, 2022

The disease, Letumosis, is eating away at the shining city of New Beijing. Kai, the Prince, of New Beijing is holding a ball in a few days. And the Lunar Queen Levana is plotting. Meanwhile, Cinder, part metal and full-time mechanic, is facing her malicious family, prejudice, and mounting chores with only her tools and her android with a “flawed personality” Iko...

The premise was so eye-catching. But, the book was so disappointing. Meyer’s writing fell short. The main problem was that writing wasn’t vivid and it left the book without depth. The plot was predictable, I failed to feel emotionally connected to the characters, and the dystopian world was bland. Additionally, the romance was subpar. I felt as though it wasn’t realistic, and it was disappointing given that all the main character thought and talked about was, well... her love interest. I would have liked if there was more dialogue between the characters that allowed them to get to know each other. Finally, the main characters weren’t clever in the ways I hope for in a Sci-Fi book, and the plot continued to be convenient allowing for the blatant character’s mistakes. This made the book less realistic and less enjoyable to read because I didn’t love the characters. This furthered the distance between me and the book and the whole time I couldn’t help but feel as though reading Cinder wasn’t worth my time. If you want to read a book with vivid imagery, a satisfying story with love and adventure skip over Cinder and read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline or Legend by Marie Lu.

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