Chainbreaker by Tara Sim
Tara Sim
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Oct 21, 2021

At the beginning of Chainbreaker, Tara Sim’s sequel to Timekeeper, Danny and Colton’s story continues for a little while before it is interrupted by concerning news: clock towers in India are falling, but time somehow manages to keep running. Danny and Daphne are whisked off to India to investigate and solve the issue, but back home in England, Colton finds a threat addressed to Danny and another message addressed to himself claiming that Danny is in danger and that if Colton doesn’t leave Enfield to save him, Danny will die. On top of that, Colton starts to experience strange dreams. Soon, multiple mysteries begin to bleed together, and it doesn’t take long for Danny and Daphne to realize that the trouble with the falling clock towers is much larger than they expected.

The world gets much more intricate in Chainbreaker; new characters are introduced, while returning characters are given more depth—specifically, Colton and Daphne. As a narrator and one of the main characters, Daphne is given more attention, which I think is especially important considering their mission is in India and Daphne is one-quarter Indian. Her personality is completely different from what is depicted in Danny’s superficial relationship with her in Timekeeper. Additionally, Colton begins to shed his innocent nature as he discovers who he really is; learning about his past changes him in a way that he can’t come back from. There is less romance between Danny and Colton in this novel because they are separate from each other for the majority of it, but the newfound complexity of their characters makes up for it! Chainbreaker absolutely fulfills expectations as the sequel to Timekeeper!

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