Catwoman Soulstealer

Catwoman Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas
Sarah J. Maas
Aug 26, 2021

If I could, I would give this book more than a five-star rating. I think that my favorite book will never change because I do not think anyone can make a storyline better than this. The first book I read in the DC icons series was Batman Nightwalker and I liked that. I thought that was going to be my favorite book forever until I read Catwoman Soulstealer. This book is more than a masterpiece because of its storyline, plot, writing, and characters. I learned a lot from this book about Catwoman that I did not know.

In this world Catwoman trained with the League of Assassins and came back to Gotham to wreak mayhem. At the start of the book her goals are unknown and it turns out to be a mystery of what she ends up doing.

I read this book two times because it was amazing and when it ended I knew that no book could be better than this. I recently read a very good book but I do not think that it will ever be as good as Catwoman Soulstealer. The book is about how Selina comes back to Gotham and robs galas and banks to save up for a master plan and avoid the League. Batman is away on a mission leaving Batwing, Luke Fox, in charge of keeping Gotham safe. Luke Fox just came back from a war and has PTSD which slows him down while trying to catch Selena. I exceedingly recommend this novel to every type of reader because it is an amazing book and I hope that there is a sequel to this story.

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