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Oct 6, 2021

Cars 2 is an amazing movie to watch. It is different from the first Cars movie because there is action, adventure, mystery, and detective work which is an amazing choice for a family movie night. Lightning McQueen is one of the main characters along with Mater, Lighting McQueen‘s best friend. There are two new cars introduced in this movie who are undercover spies for London’s Agency. Throughout the movie you will see amazing new race tracks and races that look spectacular and an amazing new storyline with Mater as a “spy in training.” I had an amazing time watching this beloved movie where it gives an amazing life lesson which includes friendship, family, and saving the world; I recommend this movie for people who liked watching the first Cars movie and for people who liked watching movies made by Disney and Pixar because this movie was fun and entertaining to watch.

Written by
Aryan C.

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