Camp Scare

Camp Scare
Delilah S Dawson
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Aug 11, 2023

Parker is a 12 year old girl who has trouble staying quiet in public places. This causes her to often go on rants about random things; losing potential friends in the process. However, Parker not only has no friends, but is also bullied by Cassandra and her friend group. So naturally, when Parker discovers Camp Care, she sees the summer camp as a getaway from all her troubles. A fresh start, a chance to reinvent herself. Little does she know, her worst enemy Cassandra has been going to the same summer camp for years, and Parker is in the same cabin as her. Parker being new, Cassandra begins to toy with Parker by spreading false rumors about her. Parker becomes an outcast at camp care, as rumors about her spread. After days of struggling, Parker discovers one true friend who she can rely on. As she starts hanging out with this strange girl, Parker notices that several bad things keep happening to her cabin-mates. And her new friend is a bit off as well… 

Camp Scare is a fairly decent book, and it had me interested for days. However, as I made more progress, I realized that every twist and interesting element in the book was far too predictable. The characters also felt extremely dull and lacked personality, although this may be because they are young in the book.

Written by
Sanjay K

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