The Burning Sky

The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas
Sherry Thomas
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Dec 27, 2022

The Burning Sky is the first book in the Elemental trilogy series by Sherry Thomas, set in
1883. Teen elemental mage Iolanthe Seabourne’s life changes forever with her attempt to restore
a ruined potion. Following this pivotal event, she encounters the Master of the Domain Prince
Titus who is committed to destroying the Bane, an all-powerful mage ruler of The Realm.
Through visions detailed in his deceased mother’s journal, but only revealed when needed, Titus
has planned and trained for the prophecy of Iolanthe’s presence as the greatest elemental mage of
their time. While not initially accepting of her destiny, or of Titus, Iolanthe commits to her
foretold part in the Bane’s demise, which includes a magical subterfuge at Eton College
disguising her as non-mage student Archer Fairfax. As feelings develop between the two teen
mages, they encounter dangers through their training and experiences in the Crucible, an
enchanted codex of Realm fairy tales and history. They also engage with the Inquisitor, a mind
mage serving the Bane, who attempts to break Titus for his knowledge of the elusive elemental
mage Iolanthe. With witty dialogue, a creative magical world, and fast-paced action as the book
reaches its conclusion, this book is well worth the read and will leave you wanting to read the
next book of the series immediately.


Written by
Helton W.

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