Breaking Clean

Breaking Clean
Judy Blunt
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May 9, 2023

Breaking Clean is a memoir by Judy Blunt. It follows Blunt’s life growing up on a farm in rural
Montana and the challenges involved with that lifestyle. Blunt touches on gender roles, poverty
and coming-of-age.

This memoir is a beautiful read, but it didn’t quite resonate with me. Blunt’s writing style is
gorgeous, with lots of details on the wilderness of Montana. I found the anecdotes enjoyable
and entertaining. The messages on gender roles and societal expectations were well-written.
However, the ending left some loose ends and it didn’t feel complete. Another issue is that at
times the detailed descriptions went on too long and were hard to get through.

I recommend this book for those who like memoir or have experienced life on a farm who could
connect with the story better than I did. I rate this book 3 stars.

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