The Breakfast Club

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John Hughes
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Nov 20, 2023

Five teenagers from different backgrounds end up in Saturday detention for misbehaving in The Breakfast Club.  Despite their differences, they gradually open up and form a genuine bond of friendship. The film shows that connection and understanding can occur even among people who seem vastly different from one another which is a relevant topic even in today's society. They have to write an essay about themselves and their aspirations as part of their punishment. By the end of the day, they combine their essays into one, reflecting the growth and self-discovery that has happened throughout the day. 

The reading of their essay at the end is one of my favorite parts because it's touching and satisfying, leaving me hopeful that their friendships will last beyond that memorable Saturday. I like the combination of comedy, drama, and emotion, and how the movie deals with various issues and features characters from diverse backgrounds uniting at the end. The final scene is one of the best endings to any movie, making The Breakfast Club a relatable movie that redefines classics.

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