The Boy at the Top of the Mountain

The Boy at the Top of the Mountain
John Boyne
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Mar 15, 2024

The Boy at the Top of the Mountain by John Boyne is a historical fiction book that takes place during World War II. After his mother’s death in 1935, Pierrot is now an orphan. He feels alone until he discovers that his Aunt Beatrix is arranging for him to live with her. Aunt Beatrix works as a servant in Aldolf Hitler’s home located on top of a German mountain. As Pierrot begins to adapt to his new life, he and Hitler form an unusual relationship. Pierrot has begun to see Hitler as a mentor, and does whatever Hitler asks of him. When it comes time to determine right from wrong, Pierrot must decide who to listen to, his aunt or Hitler. I really liked this book because it shares an uncommon perspective of life during World War II. I enjoyed that this book was from the viewpoint of a child, and we got to read of how Pierrot’s thoughts and actions changed throughout the book. I liked that Pierrot’s youth and innocence were highlighted and the effect that the war had on kids his age who knew no better. I would recommend this book, especially to someone who wants to see a different take on a World War II book.

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Victoria O.

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