Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood

Born a Crime
Trevor Noah
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Jun 2, 2023

This was such a fun book! Although, not in a very fun situation. Trevor Noah grows up as a mixed child during the apartheid laws in South Africa, so he was quite literally born a crime. This book describes Noah’s childhood, lifestyle, iconic stories, and the challenges he faced with his background. Here’s the most important aspect of the book: it’s funny. It seems contradictory, but Trevor Noah, as an adult comedian today, used humor as a coping mechanism in his life. As a reader, you will get to see an insight into his mischievous yet unique childhood life that has shaped who he is as a person today. Trevor Noah walks through inspirational and formidable characters, such as his Mom, that have truly spelled out the impacts that apartheid laws have left to this day. It seems as if Noah lived the aspects of a normal childhood life in a place that considered him a crime, but that allowed him to learn from his experiences and build himself a bright future. 

Born a Crime has become one of my favorites and it kept me hooked throughout the entire book! I rate this book 4.8/5 stars.

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