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Book Lovers by Emily Henry
Emily Henry
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Sep 8, 2022

Banter that makes you giggle while swinging your feet back and forth. Witty comebacks
and relatable characters. Book Lovers is most likely one of the best contemporary romances I’ve
read this year.

Nora Stephens knows she’s not the type of girl that gets everything at the end of the story.
She’s a realist: you cannot get the guy, the job, the house; the life altogether in the real world.
Sacrifices must be made and she doesn’t expect anything else. Can a trip to Sunshine Falls,
North Carolina with her sister shift her perspective?

Nora Stephens’ character has made me feel so seen as a romance reader. Reading to get
your fix of romance while consciously repelling it, and calling it realism, in your life. Too many
times I found myself having to close the book until my blush went down. It definitely gave too
much hope to a cynical romance reader.

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