Beyond the Code

Beyond the Code
Erin Hunter
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Jul 21, 2023

Beyond the Code is the second book of a 3-book graphic novel miniseries called Skyclan and the Stranger by Erin Hunter, overall part of the Warriors books. At the end of the first book, a pet named Sol decides to join Skyclan. He has a different hunting strategy to get food, which horrifies Leafstar, who orders him to stop immediately. Sol also tells Leafstar where he actually comes from, which makes her think more kindly about him. However, two dangerous things happen to Skyclan, both of which test their resilience. 

I enjoyed reading Beyond the Code because it characterizes Sol with how he is really clever, but also reckless at the same time and causes the camp to be attacked. Also, it shows how he acts immature when he keeps bothering Leafstar about making him a warrior, and how he humiliates himself and runs away at one point. I thought that it was a good idea that the book characterized Lichenfur in the middle of the book, so she would be portrayed more positively, which in turn would cause the reader to be disappointed at the end of the book when something devastating happens to her. I enjoyed the book entirely and liked how it started to build up the plot and rising action for the third book, especially with the disaster that wrecks the clan at the very end of this book. Because of all this, the book Beyond the Code deserves a five out of five.

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Neil J.

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