Better Than the Movies

Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter
Lynn Painter
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Jun 17, 2022

Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter is a romantic comedy featuring Liz Buxbaum. Liz is obsessed with having a kind of love found in her favorite movies. When her childhood crush, Michael, returns to her hometown, she can’t help but wonder if it is fate. Liz decides that she must get him to ask her to prom. But in order for Liz to accomplish this, she will have to work alongside Wes, her lifelong neighbor and nemesis.

This was a fun, easy to read kind of book. I liked how the romance was built, but still got bored in the middle. There are a ton of modern day music and movie references which helped grab my attention though. This was not, for me, the romance book of the year, but it wasn’t anything awful either. If you are wanting a very cute, banter filled book that can make you smile, here you go.

Written by
Nala C.

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