The Beholder

The Beholder by Anna Bright
Anna Bright
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Jul 24, 2019

This book details a young girl's journey that every teenager goes on at some point- one of family responsibilities and new friends and loves, all mixed with self discovery and coming out of a childhood persona. Bright writes in a way that completely encapsulates the reader in her world, leaving them surprised and disappointed when it comes to an end. I liked this cover because the imagery of the carved and gilded ship is indicative of the adventure Selah goes on, and the somewhat tarnished appearance shows that her world isn't perfect, and being royalty doesn't mean everything is easy. The dark blue background with rose-gold lettering and details lends both simplicity and elegance, suggesting there is more to the story than what is initially explained. I loved the writing style; Bright portrayed a young girl without falling into the cliches that usually appeal to younger teens. Because of this, more ages can appreciate the work without feeling like they've grown out of it. I also liked that the story made sense; it was just about her journey, which went mostly as planned. There were no huge rushed plot twists where they weren't necessary. 

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Bryn D.

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