Battle Dragons: City of Thieves

Battle Dragons: City of Thieves by Alex London
Alex London
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Feb 28, 2023

Title: Battle Dragons
Author: Alex London
Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Summary: Abel has lived a normal life. Well, as normal as riding a dragon to school can be.
However, that is as close to dragons as he can get after he failed his dragon riders test. This all
changes when Abel's sister, Lina, comes to him and trusts him to keep her secret; the fact that
she has stolen a dragon. This wouldn't be a very good secret to share with her family because
her brother is a "rising star" in the city's law enforcement. He goes to see the dragon and
realizes that the dragon trusts him and thinks Abel is his owner. Now Abel is caught up in
dragon battles and kin fights because he befriended the stolen dragon.

Opinion: Honestly, I thought that this book was great. It had a very unique plot that I had never
read before and I liked how it wasn’t very slowpaced. Though I thought that the end of the book
was very predictable, the build up to the end was interesting and kept me reading.


Written by
Abby S.

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