Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

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Oct 21, 2021

To me Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was a complex movie because I first watched it when I was 10 years old. It took me until I was 14 years old to understand everything in the movie and once, I finally understood how Lex Luthor was planning everything then I understood why Batman and Superman fought. This movie starts with Lex Luthor placing pieces of evidence and setups at crime scenes for Batman to find. Bruce Wayne, Batman, assumes that Superman will turn evil, so he prepares. Superman continues on Lex’s trail which leads him to having to fight Batman.

I had an amazing time watching Batman fight Superman and looking at how intense and incredible the fight scene was. I recommend this movie to many DC fans and Batman/Superman fans because it is one of the best and complex Batman/Superman movies of all time.

Written by
Aryan C.

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