Batman: Nightwalker

Batman Nightwalker by Marie Lu
Marie Lu
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Aug 16, 2021

I read this book for a school project and ended up liking how DC Icons focused on how these main anti-villains and heroes came to be. When I read the first chapter of Batman Nightwalker I could not put it down because it had a suspenseful grasp on me. There were so many clues and mysteries to whom the nightwalkers were led by but with every chapter it felt astounding to read. I read that book two times since I finished it the first time on a weekend; I did not completely understand it so I read it again. It had an impressive mystery plot and suspenseful storyline that kept me engaged in it and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in knowing how Batman started on that Earth in the DC multiverse. By reading this you can also know how one of Batman's main villains, Two Face, became who he is and learn how Bruce, over time, got a colder heart.

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Aryan C.

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