Awake in the World

Jason Gurley
Feb 12, 2019

Zach Mays is notorious for having the worst luck in Orilly, a small oil town. His father has died and left him and his older brother to care for the family. Zach is lost trying to put his bleak life together until Vanessa, a confident, radiant girl who's planned her whole future, comes into his world.

I absolutely loved this book! The way that the love between Zach and Vanessa is portrayed in such a sweet, mild way is truly irresistible.The most compelling aspect of the book is the amazing character development that the author portrays throughout the whole story. It really makes you deeply involved in the story and what the characters are going through. There are also very suspenseful, emotional moments in the book that make it impossible to put the book down. The understanding and love that Zach and Vanessa have emotionally developed connects the reader to every conflicting moment in the book.

Written by
Erin L


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