Avengers Infinity War

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Nov 19, 2020

Do you love action movies? Do the superheroes Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and many more bring joy to you? Do you follow movies created by Marvel Studios and the Avengers’ movies? If yes, Avengers Infinity War is a must-see movie for you! Featuring numerous superheroes from different movies created by Marvel Studios, the Avengers must all work together to stop evil galactic supremacist Thanos from obtaining all 6 Infinity Stones, where all it takes is one snap of the finger to wipe out half of all living beings in the Universe. These 6 Infinity Stones are the Space Stone, the Reality Stone, the Power Stone, the Time stone, the Mind Stone, and the Soul Stone, all of which are located indifferent parts of the universe. Thanos believes that with half of the universe eradicated, no more suffering will be endured in any part of the world. Avengers Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Black Widow, and many more are in the fight of their lives to prevent the intimidating Thanos from recovering all 6 Infinity Stones. Will they succeed, or will Thanos succeed in creating a permanent strike to all living beings? To find out, this movie is here for you!

Personally, I really enjoyed watching this movie. I am a really big fan of all Marvel Studios movies, especially the Avengers movies. Throughout this movie, I was always shaking, eager to find out what is going to happen next in each scene. This was easily the most compelling aspect, along with the action scenes, such as wars fought, and arguments between the protagonists and antagonists. I was disappointed in a few parts where the outcome was not what I wanted it to be, but it still does not change the fact that this movie was one of the best movies I have ever watched. This movie inspires me and others to never ever give up, despite all obstacles that come to us. I would highly recommend this to my friends if they have not watched it already, and If I was to give a rating for this movie from 1-5, I would absolutely say 5. If there was an even higher rating for this movie that I could have said, I would have for sure said the higher rating!

Written by
Gautham S.

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